Physician Employers

In this day and age, there is a very high demand for hospitalist but a low supply of qualified candidates. It is not economically feasible to have an in house hospitalist 24/7 especially at night when RVUs may not support a full time noctunist. At NHC, our mission is to provide appropriate telemedical night coverage from 1900 to 0700hrs (7pm to 7am). We credential our physicians through your facility to take all emergency room and  nursing calls. All new admissions are discussed thoroughly with the Emergency room physician and verbal/ written/ Electronic orders are given to tune up the patient until the morning when your regularly scheduled hospitalists can take over.

  • All our physicians are MD/DOs who are Board certified/ Eligible in Internal Medicine with very good communication skills. We have all worked in hospitals and are current with current hospitalist care guidelines
  • We are contracted to work for you and do not affect your collections from inpatient care.
  • We provide your overworked daytime hospitalist a nightly break which increases retention.
  • At the end of each night, a transcript of all night events is faxed to the appropriate floor.
  • We cover our malpractice for all our noctunists.
  • You will be given one toll free number for your nurses and Emergency Room staff to contact us during the call period to avoid confusion.
  • We are not responsible for in house CODE BLUES. We expect this coverage to be covered by an acute response team or ED staff. We will be on standby to assist. This can change based on the Facility and the set up.
  • NHC does stipulate a minimum of 7 nights a month coverage for our contracts.
  • All you have to do is register, log in and enter dates that you need coverage. We will contact you for credentialing and further contracting.