1. What is the cost of employing a provider from nighthospitalist.com?

Considering that an in-house hospitalist is paid $100-$140/hr  we charge a low rate of  $60/hr for a maximum of 50 medical-surgical beds. The cost to cover medical-surgical Beds over 50 are further negotiated.

2. What are the responsiblities of a Hospitalist Employer or Hospitalist Group?

  • A Back up physician that can be available for emergencies. This role can be fulfilled by the daytime hospitalist or Emergency room Physician.
  • A rapid response team or Code team.
  • A remotely accessible Electronic Medical record is reccommended but not mandatory

3. What are the responsiblities of an NHC provider

  • Telephonic/Telemedical treatment of patients on the medical-surgical floor, telemetry, low acuity ICUs and Emergency room.
  • Pertinent patient care changes overnight are to be communicated to the daytime physician in the morning.
  • Use of EMR to document medical care