Who we are?

Hospitalist medicine is the fastest growing medical specialty in the United States today. The number of hospitalists currently practicing continues to increase rapidly and is expected to triple in the next five years according to the Society of Hospital Medicine. Night Hospitalist Company (NHC) is an establishment made up of Board Certified Physicians who specifically cover Night shifts, usually from 1900hrs to 0700hrs. Our Providers are well trained and licensed in multiple states. We cover our own malpractice and serve as the night eye for numerous hospitals and Nursing homes. We achieve night time coverage using remote telemedicine machines that can fully aid in an effective physical examination of the patient. The remote presence devices are almost similar to the physician being in the room. This technology is expanding throught the USA and took off with the Tele-stroke protocols that hospitals adapted.

All our Hospitalists are Board certified or Board eligible and are experienced in Inpatient care. Currently available in Missouri and expanding rapidly.

  • NHC can cover Emergency room calls, floor calls and stable ICU admissions. In depth telephonic or electronic admission orders are instituted by a qualified hospitalist.
  • NHC will take night call for all your floors from 1900hrs to 0700hrs, 7 days a week depending on your demands
  • NHC will allow your hard worked day- hospitalists a good nights rest to prepare for the next day’s work and cut down on having to hire full time Noctunists.
  • We cover inpatient related issues and use video telemetry, which includes visual inspection, physical assessments of cardiac and lung functions, to fully evaluate patients that may be unstable.
  • We document all NHC’s patient related activity overnight with transmission to the patients’ floor for insertion in the medical record. This method ensures a flawless flow of care from night to day services
  • NHC will be first call for unstable patients but the Hospital’s appointed back up physician or Emergency Room physician will be notified to physically visit with the patient if necessary.
  • NHC will provide night coverage and use your hospital’s EMR to coordinate care if available.
  • NHC services costs is half the cost of having an in-house hospitalist. Compare our $60/hr fee to $120/hr for an in-house nighttime hospitalist.
  • Services are available for Nursing Homes and acute care facilities
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